She Lifts!

So the day was here, my kit was folded next to my bed the night before, I felt like I was 11years old again about to start my new school.

It was a good time to get into that jungle of a gym, not too busy but enough people to keep myself hidden. I’d watched a YouTube video online of a good ‘Glute/Leg’ workout so was going to follow that…

I LOVED THE PAIN! Each rep was a burning feeling towards the end but it was the best pain I had felt. 

Incline walk to warm up & sprints to finish.

After arriving home I decided to ditch the scales, realistically what do I care more about…

A number? Or a physical appearance… 

So I took photos, I will re-do these photos every 4 weeks.

Day1 of my body change is done. I’m one step closer!


Day 1- Decision to change

May 17th- 10st.2

So here I am, lying in bed scrolling through Instagram accounts of girls with washboard stomachs, less than normal % body fat and kitchen cupboards filled with everything green and sugar free.

This has now become a routine part of my day, looking at different accounts, different fitness stories, different meal plans, different work-out plans deciding which one I will try and use for the next 3/4 days. 

But now it’s time to CHANGE that. Small goals…persistency, patience and a dream figure in the future. After all the ‘research’ (reading Instagram and blogs) I have done over the past few weeks I do believe the way to change my body in a good way is lifting weights…along with cardio. 

I’ve found a programme I will be following, mainly focusing on Shoulders&Legs as that is key for women. I’m going to bed excited about the workout and being able to talk (type)  about it tomorrow.